Today is my Sunday knitting class – I love these women! They’re a wacky group of interrelated chicks from Nutley (and all over NJ) who come by on Sundays for knitting. They started a few weeks ago, and now every one of them is working on something spectacular! One of my amazing students is finishing her FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS (prodigy!) and another is getting started on a wonderful linen top. We also have a cloche hat, a pillow and an amazingly beautiful Trendsetter Aquarius scarf in the mix, too!

I’ve started teaching at my daughter’s school on Tuesdays – knitting at lunch! I love the kids, and only wish that my schedule allowed me more time to do it. Unfortunately, the lunch period coincides exactly with when Maxie gets out of preschool, so it’s a bad fit and I can only do it when I have other arrangements made for him.

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