Honestly – I haven’t done ANYTHING but suddenly my Archives are up again! It must have been them move to, huh?

I’m spending a LOT of time these days getting samples ready for the Bendel’s open designer call in a few weeks. I’ve been told we’re supposed to take 5 items. I will take many more, and wear as many as I can. I’ll show 5, but I’ll have more at the ready if they want to see more…

It’s hard – I’d like to take hats and a few pieces of jewelry, but of course I begin to have feelings of insecurity (Which piece is good enough? – What are they looking for?) but at some point I have to make the decision and just go!

I will say that on our reconnaisance mission last Tuesday we stopped in at Bergdorfs and I got the name of the Millinery buyer. We also saw a very loosely knit shawl – huge – 9′ x 3′ – that was worked on size 15 or 17 needles in garter stitch in a variety of unusual yarns. The price tag for this beauty? $1,550.00 . I nearly fainted. They had a smaller version for a mere $680. Oh, lordy help me.

Will knit for…

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