Snow Day!

Got practically NOTHING done yesterday due to the escapades of two certain little redheads who were home all day from school. Snow day in April? And, here’s the kicker, my gut tells me that we’re not finished with the white stuff. Please let me be wrong!

I woke up with a killer headache – I think it’s the barometric pressure from the storm/snowfall yesterday – but a couple of aleve’s later it’s gonish so I’m settling down to a day’s work.

Today’s the day I teach knitting to kids at my daughter’s school during lunch AND I have a new knitting class starting this evening at the Baird Center in South Orange. I’m still waiting to hear how many students are in that class so I can get the first class handouts ready, but I’m always excited to start a new class!

I had made a few hats that were less than stellar but last night I re-wired them, added a headsize wire to one (the wire that goes around the head – not every hat has one) and they look 200% better. It’s nice to go to bed having improved something! I’m knitting up some cute little chenille flowers to trim them.

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