I hate Outlook

Switching my domain name to modeknit.com involves changing from sweet little Claris Emailer to either Eudora (which I find clunky and a little non-intuitive) or Outlook (which is the spawn of the devil). The main thing I hate about Microsoft is the scorched-and-salted-earth policy whereby they destroy the ability of smaller companies with better products to even continue in operation (forget about competing on an even playing field…) I hate that Claris is now Filemaker, and they don’t make Emailer anymore. What a nice little, tiny, non obtrusive and easy to manipulate application.

Bells and whistles I can do without – I’m not big on the ‘cool factor’ – give me intuitive navigation anyday!

At this point I can receive modeknit mail via Eudora but not Outlook or Emailer, and I can’t send it through any means but Webmail.

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