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I stopped in to the new yarn shop in Maplewood, Rosemary Weller’s Knit & Stitch. It’s above the movie theatre – a cheerful little space – not huge, but she’s set it up intelligently so that there’s ample room for moving and scoping the yarn and a big table for classes and lessons. I was picking up Chinese at Bill & Harrys and took the opportunity to drop in (with my two red-headed sprites in tow) and introduce myself.

At first glance one might think there’s no need for another yarn shop – it seems a few have opened up in the general area in the past few years – but there are still precious few for the population density we have here in North/Central NJ! One of her big plusses, too, is that she’s right across from the train station so if she develops a following for some of her classes folks can easily take the train from NYC (the trip is about as long as it takes to get from Penn Station to Brooklyn!)

Her stock looked good – enough fun stuff to be interesting, enough standard stuff to be useful – so I hope she does really well in her new endeavor. We very casually discussed the possibility that I might teach a workshop or class there, which would be terrific because – as much as I love teaching in my home – it’s nice to be able to walk your students through their yarn buying process.

The store is also strategically located between the Dance Studio, Movie Theatre and Paintin’ the Plates – I see great potential for special classes for moms who drop off their kids and need to kill an hour or two!

The store’s at 155 Maplewood Avenue, Suite 6, Maplewood, NJ 07040 – drop by if you’re near! Her phone is 973.761.8585 and her hours are pretty user-friendly!

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