Mixed feelings tonight. A fabulous, fun, rolicking class where we went over finishing techniques, how to repair an error 20 rows down, making a Vertical Double Decrease – and then the phone call that Open South Orange had lost the local election. Bittersweet. To be honest, running against a 12-year incumbent is rough – winning would have been good, but we need to use the energy and talent we’ve discovered in this campaign to keep pushing for the best local government we can create!

Okay, enough with the local soapbox. I do feel proud of the graphic work I did – the yard signs, the website. My next goal is to get the Baird Center – our local recreation center – to begin treating our local residents in a kinder manner when they have interactions. If I bring anything out of this campaign it’s the realization that I’m not alone in my frustration in dealing with the Baird center.

Today at Hannah’s school I knit with the kids at lunch hour – always fun! A reporter was there to write a piece on us for Knit it! magazine – how bizzarre is that? It’s such a small world.

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