They might be Giants

One of my favorite bands – we took the kids today to a child-friendly concert down in Princeton and a BLAST was had by all. What fun! We bought a few T-shirts, took some pics and had both John’s sign one of the shirts. Stopped by for perhaps one of the worst meals ever had in a ‘fine’ dining establishment (avoid Fudruckers – you heard it here!) but that didn’t dim the fabulous family outing!

Their first ‘rock’ concert

Wonderful class this morning – it’s so gratifying to see the little bags grow larger and the concepts of making a pocket, picking up stitches, etc. sink in – just fabulous! This is a great class – I’ll bet they could do ANYTHING! Next week I should take photos of the bags in process (especially Brenda’s – she’s amazing!) so we can have a photo gallery of the bags as they grow.

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