Gentlemen, Start Your Arks!

Have we set a record for rainfall, or is it just me? Home today – getting some work done – got a bunch of submissions prepared and sent out to a mag, THAT’S a load off of my schedule. I’m thinking of submitting an idea to this – que pense?

Yesterday my Sunday Afternoon Knittng class (a loose term) met again after a hiatus of about a month. Jeez I missed those girls (and still miss you, C!) One of my students finished a hat and we bound it off, wired the brim, blocked it – you can imagine the excitement. I’m only being partially ironic – it really was damned exciting.

Now you know the full breadth of my life.

I also designed my first cabled sock. Okay – my first sock. Here ’tis!

To work out the pattern I used a heavy worsted
looks a little bulky to me…

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