I’m not much for the reality shows – although I do appreciate a good Survivor episode. But one show I really do like is the Amazing Race (didn’t it use to be called the Great Race?) I like the editing, I like the pace, and I like the idea of running around the world like a bunch of idiots.

It was with great sadness that I saw that the old married couple finished last tonight. Too bad. They were pretty cute, but it’s not a fat persons’ game. I really hope the supermodels go soon, they were so snotty.

I’m knitting up a few odd things with Bamboo, Pine and Paper. Yes, odd. Waiting on some muench yarn (what else is new…) and working up some new designs. Today a student came over and we did cabling without a cable needle. She was thrilled. As she left she kind of gushed, “Thank you SO Much – THANKS!” and then she caught herself, “I mean, well, it’s not like it’s such a big thing, but it means a lot to me!” I told her it was my life, so of course I’d think it was a big thing. Funny the measuring sticks we use in our lives.

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