Did you ever have one of those mornings when you wake up and think, ‘This is going to be a nice, slow day – no deadlines today, no places I must be – this is a day for me…’ Then you get out of bed and remember that you’re a mom?

When I went into Max’s room to wake him I noticed his bed had a HUGE wet spot all over the quilt. First I thought he’d had an accident, but then I realized he was wearing pullups so how much can one boy pee? The fact that the outside of the quilt was more wet than the sheets was the tip-off that the 41 days of rain we’ve had has come through the roof and we have a major leak over Max’s bed. Ironically, we had 4 roofing guys give us estimates this week.

Then I went into Hannah’s room and discovered her nursing her knee – the knee she fell on a few days ago – the knee she’d scraped badly and I’d peroxided and neo-sporined until she cried. Well, it’s infected. Badly infected. So we kept her home for a visit to the doctor and, as we were enjoying a fine breakfast of Life cereal the power went out.

It was out all day until 6:15 pm. Unfortunately our sump pump is powered by the electric, so we had a quasi-flooded basement. Tense day.

Big box of yarn arrived for my next project. It’s late – way late – and the sweater is major colorwork to be knit on (drumroll) size 3 needles. Oh, but wait – one of the colors is missing! An email from the magazine (I finally got to read my emails at 7:00 pm) said that the yarn company is “searching” for the missing color and hopes to send it to me “shortly” They also though they could “wrangle” an extension on my deadline. Oh, baby.

Saturday is the Brownie hike in South Mountain Reservation. Rumor has it that our meeting point is also where there will be a Renaissance Festival so finding the other Brownies will be very, very difficult. I’m the leader. Please, please, please rain on Saturday.

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