…inch by inch…

It’s rare that I post daily progress like this – I’m usually doing about 12 projects at a time (no joke) so I don’t spend a lot of time monitoring my progress on an individual piece.

However, this one is different. Yes, it’s for editorial, but I’m loving working it up SO much – last night I finished 30 more rows and here’s how it looks now:

208 x 30 = 6,240 sts yesterday

I’m STILL waiting for the yellow color – the yarn I’ve used so far is from the swatching skeins. I figure if it’s off slightly in dye lot it will be inconsequential because it will be separated by 30 rows from any other usage of the yellow – and I really DO have to start cranking this because time is short.

On a personal note (Oh, for heaven’s sake, who am I kidding – it’s all a personal note!) it’s raining to day – cats and dogs – which means NO HIKE! I feel ashamed for being happy about this – and I do love to hike – but I’m just overwhelmed with the sense of worry over my scouts on the hike. Responsibility for other folks kids is rough.

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