A very dear friend of mine who moved to Hong Kong a few years ago and now lives in Japan had a little girl. A sweet little girl named Samantha. You have to understand that she already had two great boys – so different and so sweet – but this is the kind of woman who longs for a daughter, and now she has one! I’m so happy for her I could cry!

I’m knitting up a pinkish-peachish linen kimono-style dress to send on to her (photos as I finish – I’m just at the hem right now…) I am in love with Louet’s Euroflax Linen. It’s so great to work with, the colors are exceptional and it MACHINE WASHES! Can one ask any more than that?

On the ‘just plain silly’ front
I found this great site
for making plates at
Maggiestitches blog


Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that the Cambridge Artists Coop had returned my submissions so I assumed I wasn’t in the show? Well, I was right. I got a call last night from someone at the Coop. However, they ARE interested in carrying my hats in their gallery for sale, so that was nice to hear. In addition to knitting up the kimono (and the colorwork…) I’ll be working up a few hats to send on. Love hats.

And finally…

Remember the colorwork (photos below) Well, it’s for a magazine, it’s a GREAT editorial opportunity for the yarn company that’s supplying the yarn, the deadline is next week and I STILL don’t have one of the colors!! I’ve been using my swatching ball (a no-no, but since the colors are separated by bands of other colors I took the risk) but at this point I’m STILL WAITING for the light yellow to arrive. A few days ago I heard from the editorial assitant, “They DO have the yarn, you’ll have it Friday…” FRIDAY? I asked her why they couldn’t just overnight it and she wasn’t sure – possibly something to do with tracking down the yarn, yada yada yada.

The real reason? It costs the yarn company less to send it 3 day – and they’d rather save $20 than give me three extra days to knit up this very complex sweater. This is a big, reputable company with terrific yarn – and they’re not alone in this! That’s why I have a three day break to knit up a baby sweater for a friend. Next week is hell week – my husband’s working 7 evenings straight and the kids are out of school – bad time to have to fiddle with a complex color pattern AND worry about sleeve cap shaping and steeking. Oy. (I know, ‘quit yer bitchin… you’re lucky to have this life…’)

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