I steeked the front of the colorwork last night – plus the armholes. Sewed up the shoulders and I’m not thrilled with the seam (the 3 needle bind off just wasn’t cutting it with all of the colorwork….) However, I am very happy with the front placket – it’s coming along nicely and is sort of mindless knitting (no chart!) I worked a facing inside to cover up the ugly cut edge – it looks great!

The corrugated rib in on size 3’s
the rolled edge and facing are on size 2’s

I’ll start the sleeves today – I’ll knit them in the round, even though I so much prefer working on straights. Every one is different, I guess, and there’s been so much vocal chatter about how great knitting in the round is. I enjoyed working the body of this sweater in the round because the colorwork is so complex that purling it seemed like more headache than it was worth. However, dealing with increases and all of the chart changes is something I’m not relishing on circs (I find it easy to lose my place when working increases.) Plus I’m just so much faster on straights.

I’ll ponder this for a bit.

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