Too Wet to Write

This has been one WET weekend. Yipes. It’s been raining hard and finally – TODAY – we have sun. We couldn’t get sun when we were having the major, multi-family yard sale – NO! Oh well, be happy for it when it’s here, right?

It’s supposed to get up to the upper 80’s, which seems unbelievable given how chilly (yet sunny) it is right now!

I’ve finished the body of the colorwork – placket, facings, collar – now I’m just making the sleeves and they’re slow-ish going. This was due last week, I’m officially late now. Hate that.

We had an EXCEPTIONAL bag class on Sat. Of my 5 students only 2 were able to make it – although I have to say that it was an extra-curricular class (not on the original schedule) so several of my class members hadn’t intended on coming. We finished the two bags of the attending class members and they looked AMAZING! I’m SO proud of Ami and Janine – and Brenda and Sharon and Lisa (come by, let’s finish!!) You women ROCK – we need to have lunch with our bags!

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