I don’t know what’s up – such an odd frame of mind I’m in. Busy and bored, running and standing still; is it the weather? Hormones? I’m having a lot of stress for a variety of reasons and my mind is racing in directions it really shouldn’t go. I need a bit of a break because I think I’m rushing toward a slight breakdown.

I got some bad financial news a few days ago – a shock, but not a surprise – it will take me a few days to get back to myself. The good news is that we’re in the process of refinancing so we can help ourselves out of the pickle, the bad news is that we even had to get in it. I blame myself in many ways – while I was sick last year and relatively useless we got deeper in debt than I’d realized. I hate this economy. I hate sliding down. I don’t mind frugality, I’m a very frugal person, but how I crave the ability to stay awake for more than 4 hours at a time right now.

Off to put the hooks and eyes on the colorwork – then off to IK. Should I send it 3-day? [evil grin]

Oh – I submitted a proposal to a competition – here’s a look at the rendered idea of my sculpture

here’s a look at my sketch of the finished sculpture

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