I’m overwhelmed with clutter. On hot days it just seems to get to me much worse. The house has little tidbits, pieces, odd items strewn about in a haphazard oh-what-the-hell-it’s-summer kind of way. Makes me nuts. I work on not being nuts (or not showing that I’m nuts) and allowing the creeping clutter to just sit on it’s haunches for a bit, but it does get to me.

No one else in the family is thus afflicted with the Virgo/Scots/Dutch borderline OCD personality I have, which I guess is a blessing, but it makes me lonely at cleaning time. About 10 years ago, as I was nearing a serious obsession with tidiness, I compelled myself to live in disarray for a bit – just to convince myself that it could be done. Did I mention the plaster dust?

Last week my husband volunteered me to watch our friends 2 kids along with ours (not a big deal, I volunteer him all the time – and more kids kind of makes it easier) Upon arriving home from the pool with the 4 kids I found my kitchen, our dining room, our pantry – COVERED with 1/8″ of plaster dust. Why? My husband had decided to sand the walls of the downstairs bathroom before he painted it (good) but didn’t close off the area with plastic or even bother to shut the doors to the dining room and kitchen (very, very bad)

I kind of gave up then. Today I’m driving down to Spring Lake to see an old friend who’s visiting from CA – I’ll let Gerry deal with the kids as he’ll be working the next few days – I need a day to myself, boy do I need it.

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