More Teaching…

I had a great student last night. Well, actually from the afternoon in to the evening – a very LONG class. She wasn’t able to take my knitting with wire class, so she opted for a 3 hour private lesson on knitting with wire. What I didn’t know – and she hadn’t realized – is that she didn’t knit. She crocheted. She told me when she arrived, “I looked at some books about knitting and realized that was the thing with two needles… I do crochet!”

It didn’t really matter. In about an hour she was knitting better than many more established knitters do after years! We moved onto the wire, working with beads, and finally making a necklace (including pouding heavy gauge 14K gold wire to make the closures) It was a blast! She did really well – there was a terrific thunderstorm during the class and that kind of added to the drama!

This morning I have my 5th in a series of 6 bag classes at Knit & Stitch in Maplewood, then on to finishing up some swatching & other fun stuff.

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