Talent Show

Today is the camp talent show. Hannah is doing a cheer with a few friends, and then she’s going to, in her words, “Ask Max to come up so we can sing together.” They’re going to sing Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis They’re very cute. I’ll try to get a good picture and post it. My amazing kiddies!

As of today it’s a week before we leave for Maine! I’m so psyched I can hardly contain myself! I heard from the Cambridge Artists Coop that they’ve already sold one of my hats and have a query from another customer about custom making another hat. I think we’re going to try to stop by there on our way up – I’d love to see the hats in person!

We’ll also stop by Clara’s Window and a few yarn shops down east. If any of you know of any good shops in Maine, CT, Mass that we might see as we pass through, please let me know!

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