Two Out, Several To Go!

I have pieces in several books coming out this year, which is exciting. A version of my knit chairseats will be in Melanie Falick’s new book, Weekend Knitting and I just got word today that Deb Stoller’s book, Stitch & Bitch (in which my own “bust detail top” is included) is available for purchase at! Wow, now if I could only get my OWN book published! Well – on my terms…

For those who are interested Deb will be coming to the Retreat – she’s got a house in Ocean Grove (small world! I had no idea…) so she’ll be stopping by the Shawmont for whatever we decide to do.

The kids were amazing at the Talent Show today. Unfortunately they were just about the last act so the only folks paying any attention to them were me & Gerry & Colby (Max’s girlfriend – she was sitting on my lap. They’re getting married. Max tried to take my wedding ring off my finger and give it to Colby. They’re 5.)

That’s Colby in the inset of the picture. She sang, “I am 16” from the Sound Of Music, loud and proud, thus winning a place in my heart forever.

“Meet me in St. Louis, LOOOOO-EEEEE!”
The poor kid at the bottom looks like he’s saying, “Kill me now…”

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