Injured List

I pulled something in my shoulder. I think it was from carrying around a few heavy bags at the same time, with a kid in the same arm and another holding my ‘free’ hand.

It’s been aching for about a day – I feel like that old Anacin(?) ad where the woman tries to raise her arm over her head but can’t until she takes the wonder drug

Today I have a bunch of sketches and swatches to send off to Berrocco – wish me luck! I keep getting lovely comments from them, but haven’t sold them a design for the past season, so I’m crossing my fingers. As I’ve said so often, it’s not really how good the design is (although that’s a large part of it) it’s how well it fits into the editorial strategy for a specific issue.

I have a few other projects to finish up in the next days before leaving – I’m hoping my shoulder cooperates after I give it a rest for a bit, but to be honest the knitting doesn’t hurt at all – it’s carrying stuff that seems to bother it.

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