Rain? Who cares!

Yes – I’m taking a break from the vacation in heaven to write a big on the blog!

It’s really foggy and rainy on the coast but it tends to be a little less foggy inland, which is where we are (lucky us!) So – even though the weather forecast for the week is rain, rain, rain – we don’t care! We’re relaxing, reading, canoeing – walking the dog, playing Simpson’s Monopoly and having an incredibly wonderful time.

I’m spending an inordinate amount of time in the hammock (it hangs over the lake!) and have rigged up a rope I can pull so that it swings gently. Heaven.

Hannah’s shown an AMAZING skill for Frog Hunting – she’s just caught 8 – we’re working on a ‘catch and release’ program here. They all get released by dinnertime.

Today we drove to what we hoped would be a scenic railroad, but I goofed so we didn’t have our train ride. Bummer. Instead we drove to Belfast (incredibly lovely and foggy) and I stopped into a new yarn shop – Heavenly Socks – at 82 Main Street. Apparently Helen just opened, so if you’re near Belfast, ME stop in – it’s a sweet and tidy little shop and she’s interested in finding out what the locals would like her to carry!

I also felt some BEAUTIFUL Merino & Silk blend by Starcroft Fiber Mill (they’re in Monroe, ME) I must have some!

As much fun as we’re all having – and as much as we’re enjoying it – the family member who’s having the BEST time is Atticus! I’ve never seen him so happy – he even jumped in the lake after I jumped in (he was so worried about me). We took the Canoe out – all 4 of us – and upturned it (the water was only 3′ deep) I took it out alone a bit later and had a few scary moments. I’ll leave the canoeing from now on to Gerry!

We discovered this morning that Gerry inadvertantly left my disk with my database and all other stuff at home – but it’s a blessing in disguise! I’m glad to be compelled not to worry about work for a week – besides, I have the scarf to knit, a few afghans to do for Unique Kolors and lots of trouble to get into!

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