Another few yarn shops

We really didn’t set out today to visit yarn shops – really! I can thank my sharp eyed and every patient husband for my yarn shop visits today!

I knew there was a yarn shop in Bangor, but since I didn’t have my contact disk and – oddly – couldn’t find it in the phone book (we have an old one here at the cottage) or on the internet, I sort of gave up on visiting it. We went instead to the Maine Discovery Museum for kids in Bangor – and as we were walking to the door Gerry nudged me and pointed across the street saying, “Isn’t THAT the yarn shop you wanted to visit…”

What’s better than a great kids museum right across the street from a yarn shop and an accomodating husband who’ll stay with the kids while I shop & knit & schmooze? I really enjoyed meeting Liza and the great staff she had working there – sitting and starting a pair of mindless socks for my Hannah (You never knit anything for ME)

The store – which is at 81 Main Street in Bangor – is huge, rather well stocked and the selection is quite pragmatic (that’s the best word I can think of for the intelligent and practical yarns for sale!) The prices were very good – or perhaps I’m just too used to NJ?! I was especially impressed by one of the shop staff who helped refresh the memory of a customer who was having a hard time sorting out which yarn she’d bought for which project at an earlier visit.

After lunch we headed down to Blue Hill because we wanted to see what it was like – and I wanted to visit the Blue Hill Yarn Shop on Rt 172 (just north of BH) We got there moments before closing time at 4:00, but Edna – the owner – was so wonderful and stayed longer than she’d intended chatting with me – we had such a great talk! Two women pulled up to shop as I was leaving – both very disappointed that the store was closing – a nice sign!

We also discovered a really wonderful playground with tiny playhouses, a huge hollow log and beautiful flowers at Blue Hill – what a great place for the kids to let off some steam!

Tomorrow Bar Harbor and breakfast with some friends. Hmmm – I just noticed that there’s another yarn shop down the street from where we’re meeting our friends…

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