Sad Kids

Today the kids asked when we were going home. We told them. They cried. We cried. We’re leaving on Sunday, stopping in Camden on the way to visit Pam Allen (IK Editor – I need to drop off a scarf and I’d really like to meet her in person) and just to look around at the beautiful seaside town.

To be honest, if the day is going slowly we may just check into a motel on Sunday night and extend our trip by a day. We’ve fallen in love with Maine! If Gerry could get a job up here we’d move in a New York minute (but rent – not sell – our home in South Orange because, well, we love it there, too!)

Today we drove out to Clara’s Window in quite a beautiful drive, and such a lovely location! The cloudy weather lifted enough for us to get a great view of the picturesque little harbor with the bright boats and rocky shore. So different from the Jersey Shore and so beautiful!

Clara’s store is just beautiful – bright and cheerful and smells heavenly! The store looks like it’s been art directed – so lovely! Her stock ranges in price and is wonderfully eclectic and indulgent! We had a nice long visit (Clara, her mom and I) while Gerry and the kids romped on the rocky shore with Atticus (who made friends with his good looks, then lost them with his bark!) We had the PERFECT fried lunch – right out of the 50’s – at a local lobster roll and seafood shack. Who needs McDonalds? We wanted to give a fancy bistro a try, but with the kids romping wildly, Atticus barking and Gerry dressed for auto repair (I didn’t know we were going to VISIT anyone!) it just wasn’t the day for fine dining!

If you have the chance you should definitely make the effort to drive out to Clara’s – especially if you’re going to be in Blue Hill to visit the yarn store!

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