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I love having several projects to dive in on – and I have a few real beauties right now! I also have to organize my notes for the classes I’ll be teaching and put together a nice booklet on toe-up socks for all of us to use at the retreat (that is, if voting stays as I think it will…)

I’ve found the key to all of this is a certain amount of organization – otherwise it’s impossible to prioritize and I feel totally overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, and this leads to a confused, enervated state best described as, “So much to do, so little direction.”

Reminder – if any of you want to come to the seaside retreatemail me so I can include you in the yahoo groups and you can vote on what class you’d like to take (if you want to take one…)

In the mean time, here’s something that’s currently on my needles – a bit of the old nautical theme.

This is unblocked cotton
the tension looks much better in person!

Speaking of nautical, I took Hannah to see Pirates of the Carribbean today – BOY did we love it!

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