You Give Me Fever…

Yes, it’s true. Possibly for the 5th time this summer I have a raging fever. This one with major body aches, sore throat – you name it… You know, one of those sore throats that wake you up in the middle of the night because it’s so painful. My tongue is coated, which is very exciting, let me tell you.

I was supposed to go visit my Mother in Law today along with Gerry and the kids, but aside from feeling rotton, I’m afraid to infect her as she is recovering from Colon Cancer and is on both Chemo and Radiation. She’s an amazing and wonderful woman. This has definitely been cancer year for us, and for so many of my friends.

My personal feeling is that so many fearful and negative feelings have enveloped us in the past couple of years that it sort of gives the diseases a head start. I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on the internet) but that’s just what I feel.

So, I think I’ll be laid up for a few days. The nice thing is that I can knit pretty much no matter how I feel, and I have a lot of knitting to work through, so I feel not a TOTAL loser. Did I mention that I got Gerry a DVD/Video (Go Video) player for our annivarsary, so maybe I’ll finally be able to see CHICAGO!!

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