Gorgeous Day!

This weather is absolutely amazing – if only all year could be like this!

It’s about 78∫ and sunny – breezy – beautiful! Last night we had a blackout in our neighborhood. Actually, only one half of one side of the street seemed to be out, but we were part of it. Apparently a transformer in our backyard blew (it make a loud BANG before the lights went out) and we were without power for the evening. We’d just put the kids to bed, but the excitement of a huge power truck was too much for Hannah who sat with Gerry watching the flashlights play around the backyard while the guys fixed the problem.

I went to bed and read by my trusty Coleman battery powered lantern. The same one I’ll take to the knitting retreat next weekend so we can sit at the beach in the evening and – perhaps – imbibe a bit of the grape refreshment.

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