Have Fun!

We laughed so much that I’m surprised all of us didn’t have stomach stitches by the end of the weekend! Knitting got done, but it was really more about getting away from daily life, exchanging stories and having our batteries recharged!

I think I’d definitely love to do this again – perhaps next time it would be worth it to actually rent a beach house for a weekend or week so we could cook our own meals and save money that way (not that the food wasn’t good, it’s just pricey to have to pay for each meal out!)

Now I’m home and I have to slip back into the daily grind! I have deadlines of all kinds, lessons to plan, books to put together, orders to fill – life goes on! I’m going to start by vacuuming the entire house, washing the windows and mopping the floors. Yes, I’m a Virgo. I may even slip cover the love seat before the day’s out (check back tomorrow to see if I succeed!)

The kids were so happy to see me – I showed up about 1/2 way through Hannah’s first organized soccer game (her team, the firebirds, won!)

Hannah on Defense

I’m absolutely dead with exhaustion, though – I think I was running on adreneline over the weekend and now I have to fill the tank again

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