I love finishing things – in both senses of the word! I love to have a project complete (assuming that I’m happy with it…) and I love to take an evening and put it together piece by piece, steam block what needs to be steam blocked, weave in ends. Really, I do enjoy it!

When I was in orchestra in High School our conductor used to tell us, “You like to play what you’re good at!” He would make us practice all of the music we hated twice as much as the ‘fun’ stuff, and thus it would all become fun stuff. We didn’t like him very much, though. When I look back on the experience I’m glad that he sacrificed an easy comaraderie with his students in order to teach us an important lesson – and I wonder if it would have been possible for him to have the best of both worlds. Students who loved him and learned an important lesson about perserverence.

Back to knitting. I finished three projects this weekend and spent last night finishing them. A cute hat & matching drawstring bag for Berrocco (crocheted) and a very easy sweater, also for Berrocco. Of all the pieces I’m the most happy with the bag, especially with the closure (a double drawstring – I used the twisted cord technique I like so well) It’s pretty easy – single crochet – and would be a great first project for a knitting who wants to learn a bit about crochet to expand their reperatoire.

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