Road Woe

It was a long drive – not as bad as it may have been, though. I have to admit that I did speed at times, but no tickets. Perhaps Jimmy was screwing up the radar dectors?

Thank you to everyone who wrote me at the blog or privately with your condolences. It made me feel very loved and made a big difference. Thanks so much.

The Virginia Fiber Festival was really wonderful! Not as large as some of the festivals, but very nice and lots of great stuff to look at and enjoy. My classes went well – three of them VERY well. I still feel badly about the Borders class, it just didn’t seem to have the energy I would have liked. I know it’s because I, myself, was dragging pretty badly by that time having arrived in VA at 1:00 the morning before and having taught one class already that day. But I feel bad for the students, I wasn’t at my best!

The other classes, though, were very good. I may not have converted EVERYONE to charts, but I think I opened some minds to ways of looking at knitting and the possibility of growth even if one’s been knitting “my entire life!”

Lola Woods was exceptionally gracious as a hostess – although once I arrived at her homeI crashed at 6:30 pm and didn’t wake up until 7:15 the next morning. So tired. I still feel bone tired. I’m flying back to Texas this week to be with mom and Karen again for another week, then back home to resume the madness of a knit designers life!

I’m glad to not be driving. Home doesn’t feel like a refuge, though – Gerry is worried about a gastro-intestinal thing that may be serious (his doctor wants him to have further tests) so we need to work out how to cover that insanity. Nothing costs like tests. We may have a lead on how to acquire a health insurance plan for us based on Gerry’s teleprompting business and my knitting business.

Hannah is the best driving companion, but I’m afraid she’s paying for hours upon hours in the car with me by working some of her frustrations out in not-good ways. She had a rough time at soccer yesterday (perhaps it was a mistake for Gerry to take her) and fought with the coach. Bad move. She was also a little fresh with the daughter of one of the Virginia Fiber Festival organizers, which I chalk up to lots of time sitting still in the car, lots of sadness and not enough broccoli. I hope she is able to ease back into her routine – I’m glad today’s a school holiday (Yom Kippur) so she can have another day to decompress. We expect so much from kids. We expect so much from each other.

I want Gerry to take the kids and just let them run all day long today. I want to sleep.

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