The Nanny

So now I feel better – slightly (jeez, can I whine ANY more?) but I sound like Fran Fein on The Nanny. Too bad I don’t look like her!

Tomorrow’s my lace class and I hope I sound better by then. Nothing hurts, my throat isn’t SORE exactly, but I think it would be painful to listen to me drone on for 3 hours about lace, etc.

Last night I was adding to my lace booklet for the Sat class and edited a section on faggoting (creating lace with paired YO’s & decreases in each row). Then I moved on to another section where I discuss bias (as in direction of fabric). I was in such a wacky cold-medicine induced stupor that the whole thing seemed rather surreal –

I found myself asking, “If someone screws up their faggoting, is that a bias crime?”

No flames, please – it’s the robitussin talking…

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