Teaching and Sleeping

I taught my 3 hour lace class at Urban Knitter yesterday (a beautiful space!) and it went quite well. It’s always a crap shoot with a class that’s slightly advanced — not so much that all of the students won’t be up to the challenge, but that some of the students may not be able to fully embrace the concept. If you get a recalcitrant student it can sometimes bring an entire class to a screeching halt while you deal with their issues (knitting or otherwise) and the rest of the class is left on hold.

Happily, this was NOT the case yesterday! Although the class embraced a variety of skill levels, everyone was able to fully comprehend at least ONE of the exercises. I think they all got the concept of the left and right leaning decrease which, paired with YOís, are what gives lace knitting the beautiful bias movement that really defines it. A very satisfying class – and I hope everyone else left as happy as I did!

I also taught a new student in a private session at her home (and you thought no one still made house calls!) She picked up the knit and purl stitch VERY quickly and I left her sitting on her sofa knitting with a strong passion. Someone who wants to knit that much will be an AMAZING knitter! I can hardly wait to show her ribbing – my gut instinct is that she’s a natural cabler!

And then down to Beads of Paradise to buy some seed beads and meet up with Alison for a lovely chat and a nice cup of coffee! Man, did my feet hurt by the end of the day!! Lots of walking, lots of standing and teaching!

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