Stand Up

Somehow my lectures & classes seem to deteriorate (elevate?) into Stand-up acts. But that seems okay with my listeners – and I’m still able to cover all the technical stuff that I need to, so everyone’s happy (or at least they’re laughing!)

Last night I spoke to the Palisades Spinners Guild – what a terrific bunch of folks! They asked great questions – laughed at the right places and made me feel so welcomed! They were also having a book and yarn sale and I walked away with a few nice knitting books that have been missing from my shelf! I bought no yarn, but I did buy a LOT of tiny tin cans of batik dye! I can’t wait to try it – LOVE dying stuff!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been emailing me – not just about my minor meltdown 2 days ago, but about my brother, too. You’re so kind and so supportive. I do realize that I’m especially fragile right now – rather raw in fact – so this thing hit me harder than was really necessary. It’s more me and my frame of mind than anything else! And I LOVE IK – really – I have IK to thank for getting me back into knitting!

I also do feel very proud that the’ll be making a big deal over the sweater in the subscriber only service they’re offering. I’ve been checking it out and it’s amazing. The articles are good, but what blows me away is the stitch glossary and technical stuff. It’s very easy to find 10 different cast ons, and they’re ILLUSTRATED using IK’s very clear line-art drawings. It’s very nice to have this all in one place, let me tell you!

So, back to you – thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. It’s been a rough time but let’s hope that the worst is over!

Last night was a big help, too – thanks Palisades Spinning Guild!

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