Happy Halloween!

Okay – I’ve had precious little knitting on the blog and it’s just terrible, I know.

Knitting wise – I had a new student last night – really wonderful! Oddly, she’s the 4th new student I’ve had this year who is taller than I, which would be even more amazing if I weren’t shrinking at a rapid rate since the hysto. I seriously have to start thinking about calcium supplements!

Back to the knitting – I’ve been quiet on the book, but it’s coming along apace. If there’s anyone who wrote to me offering to look over some of the chapters who I didn’t respond to, please accept my apologies and let me know what chapter you’d like to read! Things got a little nuts right then and some things may have slipped through the cracks!

Anyway, I’m S L O W L Y putting the book into Quark, which looks SO much better than the Claris Works working samples I was doing, and allows me to publish each booklet on it’s own and then put it together in a collection at some future date! I found a copy editor who does this stuff professionally and will accept kits, jewelry, yarn – all kinds of good stuff – in exchange for looking over the books. THANK YOU HEATHER!!

And, of course, here are the kids!

Hannah is
Kiki (see below)

& Max is a
Bloody Ghost

Kiki – from Kiki’s Delivery Service – is Hannah’s favorite character!

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