Exceptional Students!

I taught a great knitting with wire class at MAKE Workshop yesterday – what a TREMENDOUS bunch of students!

There were 6 in the class and they ranged from experienced knitters to relative newbies – but not a dweeb in the house! Even the dogs seemed interested in the intricacies of knitting with wire! Honestly, the tiny dog with the teeny-tiny tennis ball was just about the cutest thing I’ve seen. And I don’t use the “C” word often.

We got through two great projects (a wire necklace and a cuff bracelet) and covered a LOT of ground.

I’ve been working up little booklets for each of the classes I teach. It does mean a LOT of prep-time, but once I write the booklet it’s done. Editing it (fixing gasp errors and adding more content) will be an ongoing process and each class will help me see more fixables. I think it give a class a good ‘shape’ to have a text, however small, as a reference.

Also, with my exceptionally bad memory these days, it’s very helpful to have everything written down.

I came home after the 6 hour class to find a beautiful email from one of my students – who happened to be the president of the NYC Crochet Guild – and it just capped a wonderful evening! Thanks so much Barbara!

I’m gearing up for the Knitters Review Retreat and I’m getting ready for a variety of scenarious. Bess and I were going to sort of tag-team teach, but there is a major family illness in Beth’s life right now that may preclude her from teaching as much as she’d like. Either way I’m up for filling in the holes where they need to be filled. And, sadly, if anyone understands a family emergency it’s me.

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