After a delightful evening last night at the Dancing Goat knitting away with Jen, Alicia and Lisa (hey girls!) I’m back to the grind of pumping out class handouts for this weekend!

I’m really happy with the way putting my info into Quark is going. I’d laid off quark for a while (heaven knows why…) and had been doing all of my handouts in Clarisworks. CW is a GREAT program, and it’s perfect for “layout” work, but I’m really blown away by how much better my stuff looks in Quark. The downside is I have to rework a lot of my images, create tiff files, etc. – but the illustrations were weak in many of my booklets anyway so it’s good to have the incentive to remake them in a clearer format.

I’m really happy with how my knitting with wire booket came out after the change – and I’m working on all of the others so they can be looked over and proof-read/copy edited!

The best part of Quark, though, is I can have the info flow from page to page, no matter how I set up the pages to print. Therefore I can print out my little folding books and it’s not a nightmare to proofread them in page order. I know, I’m a dweeb. Anyone wanna see my database…

Knittingwise I’ve come up with several interesting colorwork projects for this weekend at the Retreat. It seems that my portion of the “Colorwork Weekend” will be to present a project whereby the retreat participants can use their newly formed color knowledge. Of course, being me, I have divided it into several projects (an easy scarf with horizontal striping, an intermediate scarf with short row colorwork, an advanced tiny bag with slipped stitch plaid and mitred sides). Now I have to put them into booklet form.

Knitting wise I finished a scarf that’s a surprise gift for a neighbor. When I was away in October I missed Hannah’s birthday and this neighbor not only MADE the cake, but helped out at the party. She’s an amazing friend (all of my friends are amazing!) but she keeps coming through with extra clothes for the kids (love Hand me downs) and support when I need it. So I knit her a scarf!

Knit in Cascade 128 Chunky Tweed

That’s an icord cast on, icord bind off

and double knit slipped stitch edge on either side (looks like icord)

It gives the scarf a nice finished edge all around!

If you’d like to download a non tested pdf version

of the instructions for this scarf,

please Click Here!

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