Packing the Car

I honestly feel that I’ve spent more time in my car this month than I have sitting on my sofa. That would be a record. I’m going to wait and pack the car in the morning because I’m just too pooped! I’m going to find a kinkos on the way and get my stuff copied – I don’t feel like printing out 70 copies on my rinky dink (but wonderful) printer!

I’m hoping to leave relatively early, but I’ll play it by ear. By noon-ish I tend to be so exhausted that I’d like to be on the road well before that. Once I’m driving I’m sort of in the zone.

I’m packing up stuff for the colorwork project portion of the class (booklets, samples, swatches) as well as a bunch of wire stuff that I’m making into kits to make my easy wire necklace or my wire cuff bracelet. I’ll let you know how that goes, it’s my first foray into the wire stuff as a PROJECT kit.

See yas on Monday! I’m off to VA (again) I wonder if this is enough time to reacitivate my membership in the Hillbilly Society of Appalachia?

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