Amazing Retreat

Thank you Clara – what a great weekend it was!

Thanks also to the many, many great knitters who were so kind to listen to me blather on about knitting related topics (and occasionally even get to the point of how to knit a plaid!) What an extraordinary group we were!

I drove home on Sunday afternoon – but unfortunately I was so tired that when I got to the beltway around DC I missed the turnoff to 95 so went around the loop one more time. Nothing like killing an hour when you’re exhausted and want to get home!

I ran into one of the students (and a very kind person – she let me stay with her last year at the retreat!) at a rest stop in Maryland. Small world! I don’t want to name folks here because of privacy issues and also because I’d be sure to leave some folks out, but everyone who was so kind to compliment my teaching – THANK YOU – you were kind to LET me teach and to open your minds and hearts up to what I was teaching!

Right before I left on Thursday we acquired a small kitten from our babysitter down the street. Here the precious little thing is:

Working title: Krista

We’re trying hard to convince Hannah that Gigi is a MUCH better name!

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