Lost in the Supermarket

I just got home from a long ramble through the NJ countryside. Allow me to say that I have either lived or attended school in this state for over 10 years, and I have [had] a pretty good sense of direction, but today I was S T U M P E D.

Maybe it was the Yoga class I took this morning with one of my students from my Knitting as Meditation class? BTW, that class ROCKS – several of the students are astoundingly good, all are really nice folks. The second class is where the sh*t hits the fan, though! That’s after they’ve been released to the wild for a week and I get to see how far into the knitting jungle they’ve ventured!

I was driving out to Clinton to return a book on CD to Cracker Barrel that I had rented during my trip to VA last weekend for the Knitters Review Retreat (great fun!) and somehow got VERY lost on the way home. Oddly, I ended up near Lambertville so I decided to stop into Simply Knit (bought some cotton chenille in off white – I’m going to dye it) and then stopped by The Spinnery on Rt 202 on the way home. If I would have gotten more lost I might have stopped into the yarn store in Morristown that I have YET to visit!

Yep, I was lost. I figure as long as I can find a yarn source I can’t be THAT lost, but this loss of my inherent sense of diretion is confounding.

I used to joke that I had “a steel plate in my head” because – truly – I always seemed to know which way was North. Along with having a baby with no meds, my sense of direction was my main criteria for applying to Colonial House (the PBS reality series – I didn’t get in …)

Anyway, now I’m home and ready to settle in for an evening of knitting. I have three projects that are upcoming – a child’s fiestaware tea set for IK, a “tinkertoy” tote bag, also for IK (for their online) and a surplice sweater for Cast On. The yarn for the Cast On sweater is from Cascade – I think it’s something new because I haven’t seen it before, but that doesn’t mean much. Sometimes the amount I don’t know is truly staggering! Anyway, the yarn is actually many smaller twisted cotton & rayon (?) threads in rainbow colors – it’s really quite lovely.

I’m experimenting with gauge and needle size

as it arrived on the cone with no label, etc.

I love that – it makes me feel so FREE!

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