Light Years Behind…

Yes, I know everyone else has done this quiz, but here I am – bringing up the rear. I’m one of the few parents I know who feel that The Simpsons is required social education for children.

I'm so like Lisa!

I originally looked up this quiz this morning hoping to find Selma. That’s how I sound today. I thought I had this thing cracked yesterday (took the dog for a walk, got a lot of work done even with no power for most of the day, felt pretty good…) but today it’s back and it’s brought friends. Yikes. What channel is McGuyver on?

I sent in three major projects today (yes, the Cast On surplice was among them…) and now I can FINALLY get down to some hard core designing with my Spirit Trails fibers. I have design deadlnes on Jan 1 and Jan 19th for mags and yarn co’s, too. I have decided that – if I can do it – I’ll make Kit a sweater and try to get one done for Hannah, too. We’ll see. At least I can get Kit’s done by Christmas!

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