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I’ve been getting an amazing amount of queries lately on how to keep knit fabric from curling when knitting a flat item like a scarf or the edge of a blanket. Below is a link to a pdf file where I outline my magic rule (dare I say commandment?) for non curling knit fabric:

That gigantic whooshing sound that was heard throughout NJ, NYC & southern CT was my sigh of relief that I finished my submissions yesterday. My dear, dear hub is going into the city today so he’ll hand deliver my Vogue submissions. I’m sending my FCEK subs via email, so it will be an imperfect test of how each type of submission is received.

Now – finally – to Spirit Trail! Jen, I promise I’ll be sending you some sketches and swatches by the end of next week!!! And K, it’s coming along BEAUTIFULLY!! My next submission date is Jan 16, and I have a few projects due right after that, so it will be a rich and full knitting month for me!

Please note that the date for my contemporary knitting class has changed – it’s starting a week later than originally anticipated! It will still be a 6 week class, but will end on 2/28. It will be a blast, I promise you!

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