Back to the Grind…

Up at 7:00, feed and dress the kids, feed the pets, morning chores, walking Hannah to the bus – well, we’re back to the old routine! Today is Brownies (woo hoo!) and then knitting at the Dancing Goat this evening at 7:00. Hopefully some of you can join me there!

I feel like the years are streaming by so quickly – I can’t even begin to get a handle on it! Hannah and Max are both so tall and growing so fast. BTW, Hannah LOVED her doll – LOVES it – it’s the first thing she tells folks when she sees them, “Santa brought me KIT!” and she’s amazingly careful with it, which is wonderful! Max is already glued to his bike and rides it like a 7 year old! I thought it would be a bit big on him, but it’s just right. He’s getting so tall!

I’m finishing up a very satisfying sweater for a new venture (how exciting!) It’s daunting -and at any given time I have many, many long strands hanging off the back of the work. It’s an exercise in the zen-ness of colorwork. I keep repeating to myself, Just let the strands tangle, they’ll untangle themselves (or if necessary, I’ll untangle them every 10 rows or so). I can’t wait until I can show you guys!

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