I got the word today that my knitting with wire class at Urban Knitter has 16 students – YEOW! Luckily, I have a most excellent knitting friend, Alison, who took the wire class with me before, is an established teacher and will help me with the class. Woohoo!

FYI – Alison is teaching a class on Steeks at Urban Knitter – check out her blog to see her SENSATIONAL colorwork and you’ll understand how helpful a good steek can be!

I love it when the classes fill up – this was a surprise, though! I spent a bit of today shopping for some great beads for the class and getting some new wire at a new local source because I’d only been counting on 6 or 7 students. Can you say, “Low on stock…?” That’s the kind of problem I like to have, though!

I also spent a good part of today driving down to Ocean Grove to check out a few alternative locations to The Shawmont (where we had our last retreat) I’m aiming to have this sometime in May, probably the weekend of 5/22-23, but it’s not set in stone. I’d love to get feedback from readers who might come and have preferences about dates and what kind of class I should teach. Knitting with wire is high on my mind…

I also think I’m going to try to structure the weekend differently this time in hopes of reducing the overall fees for participants – I think I want to just get a block of rooms and pair folks up (who want to be paired up, of course) and see how low I can keep the overall costs. I can’t see any way around eating out for some of the meals, though – but perhaps we can keep that to a minimum… There will, of course, always be an option to have a private room if someone wants that!

Speaking of classes – I know this is short notice but I’m teaching a new class at Janet Kemp LLC Fine Yarns in Stratford, CT (click here for map.

It’s a class to make my A-Line Bag and I think it will be a really fun class! Just in time to have a cute little bag for MLK day! If anyone is interested, contact Janet to register for the class!

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