It takes so much time and effort to put together a class – and I always forget how much! Constantly underestimating the amount of work involved – that’s what they should put on my tombstone.

I spent a good part of today running errands – silly things, stuff that must be finished. Buying wire, beads, other supplies – post office run – dropping stuff off, picking up, returning books to the library. What an exciting life I lead!

I had a student late this afternoon – the daughter of a student from one of my beginning classes. She’s quite good and is leaving tomorrow to go back to college in New Orleans, so I really hope she remembers what she learned! It is such a delight to teach – I’m so lucky I discovered how much I love it!

As you may or may not know, I’m a browie co-leader and this year I’m in charge of the cookie sales for our troop. After pouring over the cookie manager information guide for hours (this is harder than entrance exams to many top colleges…) I finally feel just slightly on top of the cookie mishigas.

I’m not supposed to sell these (or let my daughter sell them) online – no girl scout cookie websites or anything – but it’s okay if some of my friends who read the blog want to email me with an order! nudge nudge, wink wink The cookies are $3.50 a box – isn’t life grand?

The sale officially starts on 1/10 – cookies will be delivered around 2/19. We want to use the money we earn from our cookie sales for a cool trip – it would be great if we could go into the city for a play or something! That would be a NIGHTMARE of permission slips and health forms,though. Once again I am blown away by the bureaucracy it takes to put together a group of girls for a camping trip or visit to the local museum.

Have I mentioned how bad I am at paperwork lately?

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