Out the Door!

I just had to add this! A good friend (the Alison for whom the Alison Scarf is named) just gave Hannah the pop-up Alice in Wonderland by Robert Sabuda. You have to visit his website for instructions on how to make pop-ups – he’s amazing! Here’s a link to a radio interview that he did on NPRL which was just charming!

One major project is out the door – others await (but are very close to the finish line!)

Sorry I haven’t posted more lately – I’ve been caught up in work and also planning for the retreat. I’m getting email from a large number of new folks who want to be kept in the loop, so it may be a bigger retreat this year!

Also, an intruiging idea – how do you think an early autumn retreat in Vermont would fly? It’s just in the barely conceptual stages, but it may turn out to be a possibility…

The snow is just lovely here – so deep and powdery! The kids were playing outside until their feet and hands froze, then inside for hot soup and hot chocolate. Now they’re upstairs watching a video and I’m settling in to knit some more! Gerry did an amazing job of cleaning the driveway in record time, the kids really helped, too! This light and dry snow is much easier to shovel than the wet, heavy stuff.

I’m diving back into the book with passion, again! I now feel a desire to get it finished and look into self publishing in a more serious way. When I looked at what I’d finished it already amounts to a sizeable number of chapters and projects! Now it’s time to refine and re-produce the illustrations that aren’t quite as clear as I’d like them to be.

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