What a wonderful world…

We’ve carved such a lovely little knitting community here on the internet – what an odd and beautiful thing it is, huh?

I met ML for lunch yesterday – she’s a blog reader who had a suggestion for a possible venue for an Autumn Knitting Retreat in Vermont. We had a lovely (short!) chat and discovered that we have several other internet friends in common. She wrote to me today,

I think it’s SO COOL that two women, who have never met before, can meet for a quick bite to eat and in the course of 45 minutes put together something like this [the retreat], as well as talk about other people they both “know”.

I think it’s cool, too!

Another cool thing is that I’ve heard from IK that they’re taking a few of my things for the Fall & Winter issues, yeah!! AND I finally finished some sketches and swatches I’d been promising Jen at Spirit Trail Fibers for WEEKS. Sent them off today – I hope there’s something in there that is useful for her!

I’m finishing up a few things for Unique Kolors in Colinette Yarns – due next week (gack!) and, of course, every spare minute is spent on THE BOOK. I’ve volunteered to write the database for my daughter’s school’s auction which is 2/7 – it should be fun and I am SO crossing my fingers that the database works well to help speed up the checkout for the bidders!

I have a class starting on Sat and it’s filling up nicely. When I read about Alison’s 22 person beginner classes I have a mixed sense of envy and relief that my own classes are much smaller! My Tuesday evening class is 3-1/2 people (one student is just coming for half of the classes) and that’s a nice, comfortable number for an evening at home!

Oh, and then there’s this. Saw it at Eklectica’s Blog

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

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