Two More

At the risk of sounding like a death calendar of sorts, two more folks who I greatly admired from my youth have passed away.

Captain Kangaroo (aka Bob Keeshawn) created a TV show that spoke to children in a respectful, non-violent and intelligent way. I certainly appreciated it growing up in Toledo in the 60’s. Ironically, my father in law, Sydney, who is loved and who passed away 4 years ago this spring, worked as a stagehand on the show. There was some “ping pong” story that we never quite got out of him, but apparently there was a bouncing mis-hap that he caused by accident and it almost ended his career on the show.

Ann Miller passed away yesterday. You have to love someone who had better legs at 60 than most women have in their 20’s! The fastest tapper in the world, her sense of self-irony and her talent made her one of my absolute favorites.

I’m working on a scarf for a movie. Hint: Darryl Hannah could knit this if she wanted.

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