A chance comment in my last post led to an email exchange and the possibility that I may teach a class in warmer regions! Stay tuned – it would be a blast!

Today is devoted to finishing 2 sweaters for Unique Kolors that I’ve been terrible about avoiding. MUST – SIT – AND – KNIT – NOVELTY – YARN.

The kids are home today. Heck, for the amount of time they’ve been out of school this year I should just break down and homeschool them. Just kidding – I’m a FIRM believer in Public Ed for most kids as an equalizer and enhancer of multi-cultural values in our society. Notice I say “most kids” because I do truly believe that there are some kids that are so unique that they require a special arrangement. I know I would have benefitted from a different type of High School (I dropped out – but went on to get my BA & MFA, so I’m not a complete idiot – sort of)

I’m riffin’ today! Snow blindness, what can I say? I went to bed last night wacky-worried about our older cat, Butkus, who was missing. I knew he was in the house, hiding from the kitten and dog, but I couldn’t find him and had horrible visions of the kids letting him out in the snow and poor Butkus frozen under our front bushes. Yes, I went out to look for him under every odd mound of snow in our yard at midnight.

This morning when I went downstairs he was running along beside me – obviously somewhere warm all night (like my shoe closet). When Gerry got home from work last night at 12:30am he shoveled the walk before he went to bed – but I think it was guilt induced (I folded 4 loads of laundry last night, it’s our own personal immunity challenge.)

I’m working on a cool dyeing thing that I can’t wait to show you – I’ll wait until it’s dry and I actually use the yarn for a swatch. It’s not for any magazine or anything, just my own edification and our collective education!

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