To Dye For!

Why are knitters so susceptible to bad puns?

As promised, here is a step by step explanation of a dyeing thing-y I’ve been doing. It was inspired by an article in Threads by Rebekah Younger from June 1995

As I’ve said before, I was sort of Rip-Van-Winkling it during the 90’s in the knitting world, so when I discover these things it’s like waking up all over again!

As soon as I knit up some of the yarn from this dyelot I’ll let you know how it looks. I’m envisioning using the matching balls in a geometric colorwork, but we’ll see…

Superstar Scarf

Well, I’m not a celebrity knitter, but I’m knitting for a celeb! My first scarf for the film was received with way too much praise for a such a simple garment, and they want several more. Huzzah! I’ll post pix when I finish the next one…

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