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I FINALLY ran across my good friend’s blog – I knew it was out there, but kept missing it (I know what you’re thinking, if you’re such good friends why not just email her and ask for the URL..? Too easy)

Anyway, click on the link above for a glimpse into yet another madwoman trying to carve a living out of the yarn biz. I like her blog’s name – knitting is fun – that’s easy for me to forget after a week of teaching, designing and killer knitting.

I’ve just sent out my email to my list about my classes and already several are filling up! If you’re interested in any of the classes to the right, email me or register to secure your place!

I’m also offering a microwave dyeing class on Saturdays – let’s cross our fingers and hope for nice, WARM weather in March!

Warning: Non Knitting Potentially Controversial Content

So I was watching Ellen Degeneres yesterday (as I’m likely to be doing as I knit) and who should pop onto my TV but the GWB with a strong pronoucement on the Sanctity Of Marriage.

Here’s my take on the whole business; I was married by a Judge, not a Rabbi, not a Minister. Is my marriage santified? Damn straight. It’s the love in my marriage that sanctifies it. Those who are upset that the ‘sacrement’ of marriage will be diluted by allowing non-straight folk to marry should ask themselves if the government has any BUSINESS regulating sacrements at all! What’s next – regulating who can be baptized? Who can take communion?

If one follows their argument to the logical conclusion, my marriage isn’t santified because it was ‘godless’ in the sense that it was performed outside the framework of organized religion.

Marriage is a contract between two adults, period. Any added godliness or enlarged definitions (marriage is to create children; marriage is to honor god; etc.) is the choice of the partners, not the government. Some of the most committed, loving and supportive spouses I know are parters in gay or lesbian unions. To deny that these are marriages in EVERY sense of the word is an insult to the couple, their children and their families.

It is the job of our constitution to secure rights for our citiziens, not deny rights. If two adults love each other, and want to build a life together, how does it diminish my own marriage for them to be allowed to legally commit to each other? And the more gay families we see, with the inherent marriage problems like divorce and separation, the more necessary it will be to codify these relationships legally for the good of our society and the good of any children of that union.

I can’t see where the discomfiture of some uptight straight people should be enough to deny the legitimacy of a gay couple’s love.

I guess you all knew that I couldn’t be quiet on this. I’m sorry if this is troubling to any of you, but now you know where I stand. I feel it’s incumbent on those of us who support our non-straight friends to NOT be silent on this.

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