Sew Excited!

When Hannah was a baby I found a small electric (battery powered) Singer sewing machine at a yard sale. I put it away and almost forgot about it.

This weekend I brought it down and we cleaned it, oiled it, rolled a bobbin, put in a new needle and Hannah learned to use her machine!

She made a very simple “ballroom” skirt for her Kit doll – a couple of long, straight seams and some elastic – you have never seen a more proud child!

The doll looks pretty good, too! I hope this is the start of a lifelong love of designing and making clothes!

Big Class

I never dreamed that I’d have a full house (literally) when I offered my Tuesday classes as drop in, but that’s what happened last night! It was great, though – very enjoyable! My only fear is that I wasn’t able to give each student the attention they deserved. Aside from the regular 5 attendees, we had 3 other students come by for a total of 8!

Four are in various stages of the Technique Sampler Bag, one student is making a lovely lavender sweater, another student is attempting a tank in ribbon & fisherman’s rib that I wouldn’t even attempt (but she’s amazing!) One of the Bag knitters is also making a lovely tweed sweater for her son, another is making a pink fitted tank in King Tut (quickly becoming my favorite yarn) and one of our new students is making a rectangular poncho in a simple garter rib stitch. What a gratifying class!

If any of my students from the class last night would like to come by for a quick catch-up session before next week, email me! I’ll be happy to offer it gratis since I felt that I wasn’t able to focus as deeply as I would have liked on any one student!

Back to the King Tut – if you’re in the South Orange/ Maplwood area, I highly reccomend that you visit Knit & Stitch at 155 Maplewood Ave (above the Movie Theatre – I have no affiliation, but I like the shop a lot!) Rosemary has some amazing shades of King Tut, and it’s perfect for a summer top or any other project. Because it’s Egyptian cotton the sheen is quite – but it is true that when you first start working with it the strands can split. I reccomend using a smaller needle than you usually would. The bag at the side (in red) is worked in King Tut.

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